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Timber Logs Solutions

  • Maintenance of species
  • Maintenance of Timber Logs price by size (ft, mm or JAS
    standard), species, supplier or customer
  • Generate of Timber Logs quotation
  • Tracking of wood by nature of certification (MTCC or FSC)
  • Purchase and Sales of logs (Auto calculate of tonnage and cubic metre)
  • Timber Logs stock control system
  • Generate necessary report for Forest department
  • Transport charges maintenance
  • Bar code stock tracking enabled

Sawn Timber Solution

  • Maintenance os species and size
  • Maintenance of Sawn Timber selling or purchase price by size, species,
    treatment(KD) and Secondary Process (FingerJoint / Moulded / S4S /
    Laminate and etc.
  • Purchase and Sales of Sawn Timber - Generate Delievery Order and
    Invoice Auto calculates of tonnage by bundle
  • Stock control and tracking by bundle
  • Bar Code stock tracking by enabled

Plastic Injection Solution

  • Maintenance of Moulding speciafaction including cycle time, gate
  • Weight, part weight, mixture percentage, pigment percentage, family
    mould adn etc.
  • Maintenance of material used in secondary process including Hot
    Stampling and spraying
  • Maintenance of components used in the injection process
  • Maintenance of Packing Material
  • Maintenance of Mould used
  • Calculate of Injection Moulding cost based on Resin Material Cost,
    Packing Material Cost, Secondary Process Cost, MachineCost and etc.
  • Generate of Moulding Specification

Engineering Service Solution

  • Job Registration process record the customer, program used, expected
    date of delivery, drawing number and etc.
  • Production module to input the start time and end time of machinist
    when the job is started
  • Generate Delivery Order and Invoice after the job is done
  • Bar Code enabled to track the job floor activities

Product Service Solution
(Chrome / Electro Plating, ED / Powder Costing, Spraying, Anodizing)

  • Maintenance of serving price
  • Register of incoming servicing part from customer in pieces and weight
  • Maintenance of servicing part stock control
  • Generate of Delivery Order and Invoice
  • Generate stock and sales management reports

Steel Coil Stock Control System

  • Maintenance of coil size and pricing for hot / cold roll
  • Register the incoming coil by manufacturer's batch number
  • Maintenance of coil stock by coil number
  • Traceability of coil number by manufacturer's batch
  • Generate stock report in numbers of coil and weight
  • Bar Code enabled

Pawn Shop System

Pawn Shop provides you the most comprehensive, flexible, Windows base,
easy-to-use and up-to-date management information.

  • Pawn Type Table
  • Summary Pawn / Redeem by File no
  • Daily Pawn / Redeems Listing
  • Password Setting
  • Printer Setup
  • Automatically calculate expiry date
  • Automatically calculate interest
  • Query or call up the transaction by using I/C number
  • Able to read or print the bar code printed in receipt or I/C
  • File No in Chinese Font was able to show / print out.

Transport Management System

  • Accounts Code Maintenance
  • Transport Particular Maintenance
  • Destination Maintenance
  • Transport Charges Maintenance
  • Works Order Creation
  • Transport Expenses Maintenance
  • Generate Sales Invoice
  • Driver Wages Calculation
  • Expiry Date control on the Road Tax, Driving License & etc.

Haulage Control System

  • Accounts Code Maintenance
  • Prime Mover Maintenance
  • Trailer Maintenance
  • Forwarding Agent Maintenance
  • Destination Maintenance
  • Transport Charges Maintenance
  • Consignment Note Maintenance
  • Transport Expenses Maintenance
  • Generate Sales Invoice
  • Driver Wages Calculation
  • Expiry Date control on the Road Tax, Driving License & etc.

Multi-Level Marketing Solutions

  • MLM Distributor Maintenance
  • MLM Stockist Maintenance
  • MLM Sales Entry
  • Stockist Stock Replenishment
  • Stock Control System
  • MLM Bonus Calculation
  • MLM Stockist Commission

E-Marketing System

  • Able to send SMS via internet
  • Send & Receive fax using computer
  • Send bulk e-mail to selected contacts

E-Soft Signature System

  • Sign on Microsoft Word / Excel (add some explaination)

SMS Leave System (Integrate to E-Soft TMS & Payroll System)

  • New Way to apply leave - By SMS
  • Employee send SMS to apply leave
  • System acknowledgement receive of leave application
  • System auto send a SMS to Manager - Leave Type, Date, Leave Balance
  • Manager send approval by SMS
  • System update the Time Attendance System
  • Send a approval SMS to the Applicant

ISO 9000 Document Control Software

The concept of document control is integral to ISO 9000. Specifically ISO 9001: 2000, requires the establishment of a document control system that stores and manages documents relating to implementing, maintaining, and continually improving a quality management system. Within the context of ISO 9000, a quality system must be documented and quality records must be maintained. Document control helps ensure effective operation and facilitates better decision-making, by providing a vehicle for employees, customers, and partners to access controlled documentation from any location at anytime.

For high-tech companies that adhere to ISO 14000 environmental management standards, document control procedures are equally necessary to help them continuously improve their environmental management system.

The ISO 9000 Document Control Software is developed & designed to control the ISO 9000 Quality Manual, Operating Procedure, Forms & Documents digitally. System will track the all ISO 9000 Documents by ISO Document No. through out the system.

The ISO 9000 Document Control Software Provides:-
  • Tracking of Documents - Provides secure tracking of all your ISO 9000 Quality Manual, Operating Procedure & Forms & Documents in any format either in Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF or etc.
  • Efficiency Document Control - It's uniquely qualified to be the focal point of a quality management system because it can handle all types of documents regardless of the software used to create them. It provides a secure and centralized document control repository that makes search and retrieval easy during inspections and audits.
  • Revision Control - Tracking of Document revisions, approval & Release Date. Manually Tracking down any revision on the ISO 9000 document activity is difficult . The ISO 9000 Document Control Software will help to keep track the numbers of revision have been carried out, and also maintain the various revision copies of the documents.
  • Multiple File Location – System will be able to keep track the directories & folder where the original location is saved.
  • Centralize Of Document Control – Do not worry about the various department is getting the correct edition of the documents, because all documents have been managed by a centralize software. Document reviews are conveniently scheduled and documented.
  • Security: System provide User Right Control module which enable System Administrator to define the access right to authorized users and activity allowed.

ISO 9000 Audit Control Software

The ISO 9000 Audit Control Software were designed to handle all aspects of an internal or external audit programme, from planning audits to the follow-up of corrective actions against deficiencies found.

The ISO 9000 Audit Control Software increases the accountability and efficiency of your internal/external audits by developing core processes with clearly defined audit plans, step-by-step procedures, and standardized auditor roles and responsibilities. It will help to put you to the right path toward developing a well-organized ISO9001:2000 internal /external audit system.

The ISO 9000 Audit Control Software Provides:-
  • Audit Schedule - maintains the audit schedule, checklist preparation and all audit info.
  • Track Non-Conformance – System will help to track all non-conformances found during the audit, including actions & verification.
  • Corrective Action Report (CAR) - Update of the corrective action.
  • Security: System provide User Right Control module which enable System Administrator to define the access right to authorized users and activity allowed.

E-Soft Hotel Management System

The E-Soft Hotel Management System (HMS) helps to manage & operate small to medium sized hotels. E-Soft Hotel Management System is a user-friendly, uncluttered and compact Hotel Management Software that automates the operation and management of a hotel. Our Hotel Management Software seamlessly integrates Reservations, Front Desk, Housekeeping functions on a single platform. An extensive variety of management reports can be generated from the E-Soft Hotel Management System.

The features of theE-Soft Management System are as follows:-
  • Hotel Guest Information Database Maintenance
  • Hotel Room Reservation
  • Hotel Room Availability
  • Hotel Check-In & Check-Out
  • Billing & Invoicing System
  • Guest Message System
  • Management Reports



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