E-Soft ERP System - ERP Solutions for SMI Malaysia
MSC Malaysia

Everise initially started with MRP software solution for manufacturing in 1990.   The
software was developed in Microsoft Foxpro to cater for the small & medium industries
in Malaysia.  The MS MRP System had been used by various industries ranging from
plastic moulding, metal stamping, carton converter, electronic assembly, hose manufacturer, plywood factory, sawn timber factory, timber logs supplier, air-condition manufacturer & etc.

In 1995, the payroll system was developed and installed. The software had been launched
using the name of Smartpay Payroll System.  It was developed using Foxpro 2.6 Dos
version. The main objective of the Smartpay was aims to provide customer with a solution
to ease their work in payroll calculation & annual leave maintenance.  All the basic features
of payroll were available in the SmartPay Payroll System.

In 1997, Everise had been given the contract by Dollar Alliance (M) Sdn. Bhd., to develop
their Multilevel Marketing solutions.  Dollar Alliance (M) Sdn. Bhd. Was just started their
business not long ago then, market their products under their brand name of Dolla Cantik.
We completed the system in 1996, and then continued with their online project to register
their branches sales real time via internet.   We installed about 60 over online system for
their branches throughout Malaysia, including Sabah, Sarawak.  In 1999, Dollar Alliance (M)
Sdn. Bhd. Was expanding to Indonesia & Philippines, we were also awarded the projects in
setting up their MLM System in Medan & Davao.  We were also given the contract to develop
the Investment System for Koperasi Dollar Alliance Berhad, which was formed by the
distributors of Dollar Alliance (M) Sdn. Bhd.  Koperasi Dollar Alliance Berhad now known as
Koperasi Maju Insaf Berhad.  In 1999 onward, we were developed the MLM system for a few other MLM company.

Everise had been working on the fixing of Y2K bugs in the MS & Smartpay System from 1997 to 1999, in order to ensure the system were Y2K compliant.

In year 2001, E-Soft Time Management & Payroll System was launched, designed using Microsoft Visual Basic and running in Windows Platform.  It is a realtime data collection solution, in which all attendance will be register either via Bar Code Time Clock, Proximity Time Clock, Biometric Time Clock or SmartCard Time clock.  Employees attendance will be
obtained immediately,  hence it will help the management to made the necessary arrangement based the data captured.  The E-soft TMS & Payroll System is designed in user friendly manner, thus reduce the learning process in handling the application.  

In year 2002, in order to integrate the Fingerprint Biometric features in E-soft application, Everise had purchased the Fingerprint Biometric SDK to develop the Fingerprint Clocking System.  The fingerprint technology will be able to deploy in all E-Soft business solutions.  Everise also developed the E-Soft Proximity Clock communication software to control & integrate with Proximity Time Clock.

In the same year, we also launched our E-Soft ERP System.  It is powered by client- server
architecture deploying SQL Database.

Everise was granted MSC Status Company by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC)
in year 2004.  

In year 2005, Everise had been involved in the implementation of Smart School System
for Skj © Pekan Lama, Sungai Petani, Kedah.   The solutions include the Teacher &
Student Attendance system, Library System, Result Processing System, Administration System.



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