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Since 1990, we have been involved in software development business. Our range of software products including ERP software solution, Time Management System, Payroll System & other special solutions for all type of industries e.g Timber Logs & Sawn Timber solutions for wood industries and Plastic Injection Moulding solution for Plastic Industry. Our solutions integrate with various type of data collection devices like barcode reader, time clock & RFiD reader to ease the data input process.

Our vision
To provide customer with a 'Simple & Comprehensive Solution' Software

Business software for  Manufacturing
Metal Stamping, Plywood, Electronic, Assembly, Contract Manufacturer, Wood, Medicine Factory, Automobile Industry, Wire Hardness, Plastic Industries.
Packaging, Electronic, Chemical, etc.

New Product Updates :

E-Soft Food & Beverage Points Of Sales System (F&B POS) / E-Soft Restaurant POS System
With E-Soft Food & Beverage Points System (F&B POS System) / Restaurant POS System, every single order from the Menu can be sent to different kitchen and bar counters. E-Soft Food & Beverage Points Of Sales System (F&B POS System) / Restaurant POS System will be able to handle an order in minutes. The status of all tables can be closely monitored.

E-Soft Food & Beverage POS System also offer the handheld Pocket PC solutions. Wireless devices can now do much more than front POS Terminal. They allow guests to order food and beverages before they are even seated and to pay their bills after the meal. They facilitate communication between managers and the back-of-the-house, allowing managers to remain in the dining room and provide better customer service.

E-Soft Hand Held F&B Ordering System
E-Soft Hand Held Ordering System is a front end and computerized cash register with Cash Drawer, Counter Display, Barcode Reader, and Receipt Printer.

With F&B POS systems, the serving staff need to take order & write into the ordering form before key in to the POS System. With wireless mobile computing, each order is transmitted instantly, at the table, allowing serving staff to go directly to the next table without going back to the counter.

By utilizing wireless mobile computing, it allows restaurant operator to reduce staff & improve efficiency.

E-Soft Human Resource System (HRMS)
E-Soft Human Resource System (HRMS) is able to integrate within HR modules and able to integrate with other Solution, especially Time Management System & Payroll System. E-Soft Human Resources System is a powerful tool for optimizing the use of the human assets of your company. It will enable organization to capture and measure the skills of its employees, matching them to strategic imperatives. Management of human resources through competencies is a fundamental aspect of HRMS solution. It provides complete competency and performance management.

With E-Soft HRMS, it will be make possible to manage the entire recruitment and applicant track cycle, perform position and career management, conduct performance and competency management, administer & maintain benefit plans, and simplify salary planning.

E-Soft HUman Serource System (HRMS) can help to optimizes human capital by nurturing and empowering employee and users to adapt to the company requirement.

E-Soft Barcode Solution
E-Soft Barcode will help to minimize the manual input of data. Normal barcode scanner or Hand Held Barcode scanner will be deployed in the data collection process & integrate to our existing solution such as ERP System.

E-Soft SMS Leave System
E-Soft SMS Leave System helps your company to reduce costs and improve communications with employees, while increasing revenues by facilitating new business. Our solutions are scalable, reliable, and secure.

E-Soft SMS Leave System is a convenient leave management system which facilitated with the employee application or cancellation leave using an online module. The system will calculated the leaves left by the applicant automatically and sent the information to the manager to pending for approval.

E-Soft Trading System (Online)
E-Soft Trading System is an integrated system between Store, Front Point Of Sales And Back-office System which is user friendly and efficiently.

E-Soft Trading System is designed especially for the retailers who are looking to manage costs and improve overall efficiency in their day to day retail operations. This solution gives them the ability to manage their customers, capture point-of-sale transactions, and also perform back end operations such as purchase order creation, inventory transfers, sales reporting, customer loyalty and staff management all from one integrated solution.

E-Soft Trading System is designed for those who spend too much time making up purchase orders, counting stock, tracking sales and customers, or preparing invoices. E-Soft Trading System is an organizer, an analyzer and a time saver.

E-Soft Time Clocking System
E-Soft Time Clock System is a PC based clocking system designed for small and medium size company, especially for those companies with numbers of outlets or branches with few employees in each outlet/branch. E-Soft Time Clocking System is a cost effective way of taking control of the attendance for all employees in their outlets/branches. The existing office or POS pc can be used as clocking station to replace the conventional punch card.

ISO 9000 Document Control Software
The concept of document control is integral to ISO 9000. Specifically ISO 9001: 2000, requires the establishment of a document control system that stores and manages documents relating to implementing, maintaining, and continually improving a quality management system. Within the context of ISO 9000, a quality system must be documented and quality records must be maintained. Document control helps ensure effective operation and facilitates better decision-making, by providing a vehicle for employees, customers, and partners to access controlled documentation from any location at anytime.

For high-tech companies that adhere to ISO 14000 environmental management standards, document control procedures are equally necessary to help them continuously improve their environmental management system.

The ISO 9000 Document Control Software is developed & designed to control the ISO 9000 Quality Manual, Operating Procedure, Forms & Documents digitally. System will track the all ISO 9000 Documents by ISO Document No. through out the system.

The ISO 9000 Document Control Software Provides:-

  • Tracking of Documents - Provides secure tracking of all your ISO 9000 Quality Manual, Operating Procedure & Forms & Documents in any format either in Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF or etc.
  • Efficiency Document Control -It's uniquely qualified to be the focal point of a quality management system because it can handle all types of documents regardless of the software used to create them. It provides a secure and centralized document control repository that makes search and retrieval easy during inspections and audits.
  • Revision Control - Tracking of Document revisions, approval & Release Date. Manually Tracking down any revision on the ISO 9000 document activity is difficult. The ISO 9000 Document Control Software will help to keep track the numbers of revision have been carried out, and also maintain the various revision copies of the documents.
  • Multiple File Location ?System will be able to keep track the directories & folder where the original location is saved.
  • Centralize Of Document Control ?Do not worry about the various department is getting the correct edition of the documents, because all documents have been managed by a centralize software. Document reviews are conveniently scheduled and documented.
  • Security: System provide User Right Control module which enable System Administrator to define the access right to authorized users and activity allowed.

ISO 9000 Audit Control Software
The ISO 9000 Audit Control Software were designed to handle all aspects of an internal or external audit programme, from planning audits to the follow-up of corrective actions against deficiencies found.

The ISO 9000 Audit Control Software increases the accountability and efficiency of your internal/external audits by developing core processes with clearly defined audit plans, step-by-step procedures, and standardized auditor roles and responsibilities. It will help to put you to the right path toward developing a well-organized ISO9001:2000 internal /external audit system.

The ISO 9000 Audit Control Software Provides:-

  • Audit Schedule - maintains the audit schedule, checklist preparation and all audit info.
  • Track Non-Conformance ?System will help to track all non-conformances found during the audit, including actions & verification.
  • Corrective Action Report (CAR) - Update of the corrective action.
  • Security: System provide User Right Control module which enable System Administrator to define the access right to authorized users and activity allowed.

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